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  • 30% Discount on Pre-sale of 4 Inch New Design Resin Polishing Pads

    Resin bond diamond polishing pads are one of our main products, we have been in this industry for more than 12 years. Resin bond polishing pads are made by mixing and injecting diamond powder, resin, and fillers and then hot-pressed on the vulcanizing press, and then cooling and demolding to fo...
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  • New Breakthrough:3 Inch Metal Bond Polishing Pads

    3 Inch Metal Bond Polishing Pad is a revolutionary changing product launched this summer. It breaks through the traditional grinding processing steps and has unparalleled advantages.   Size The diameter of the product,The metal bond polishing pad , is usually 80mm, the thickness of the cutte...
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  • Resin Bond Polishing Pads

        We,Fuzhou Bontai Diamond Tools Company,have been in abrasive industry for more than 10 years. Resin bond diamond polishing pad as one of our main products has been a very mature product in the abrasive market.     Resin bond polishing pads are made by mixing and injecting superior diamond po...
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  • How to Choose The Right Bond for Diamond Tooling

      It is crucial to the success of your grinding and polishing jobs to select the diamond bond which correctly matches the concrete density of the salb you are working on .While 80% of concrete can be ground or polished with medium bond diamonds, there will be many instances where you will need a...
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  • Coverings 2019 ends perfectly

    Coverings 2019 ends perfectly

    In April 2019, Bontai participated in the 4-day Coverings 2019 in Orlando, USA, which is the International Tile, Stone and Flooring Exposition. Coverings is North America’s premier international trade fair and expo, it attracts thousands of distributors, retailers, contractors, installers, ...
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  • Bontai has had a great success at Bauma 2019

    Bontai has had a great success at Bauma 2019

    In April 2019, Bontai participated in Bauma 2019, which is the biggest event in construction machinery industry, with its flagship and new products. Known as the Olympics of construction machinery, the expo is the largest exhibition in the field of international construction machinery with the be...
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  • Bontai resumed production on February 24

    Bontai resumed production on February 24

    In December 2019, a new coronavirus was discovered on the Chinese mainland, and infected people could easily die from severe pneumonia if they are not treated promptly. In an effort to contain the spread of the virus, the Chinese government has taken strong measures, including restricting traffic...
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