2022 New Ceramic Polishing Pucks EZ Removing the Scratches from Metal 30#

Bontai has developed a new ceramic bond transitional diamond polishing pads, it has the unique design, we adopt high quality diamond and some other materials, even some imported raw materials, with our mature production process, which greatly assures its quality.



The product information of the new ceramic pucks are as follows:

Size: 3 inches / 80mm

Grit: 50#

Bond: Soft, Medium, Hard

Advantages: Maybe before that, in order to remove scratches from 30# metal grinding shoes, you will use 30#, 60/80#, 100/120# ceramic polishing pucks, or even hybrid polishing pucks. However, we solved this problem with a new process. Only this ceramic polishing puck can easily remove the scratches caused by the 30# metal shoes. After that, you can continue to choose our resin pads-such as 50#, 100#, 200#, 400#, 800#-according to your needs for ground gloss , for further polishing .

Ceramic polishing pads also called transitional polishing pads, which are widely used for fast grinding concrete floor and smoothing scratches pattern. They are used between metal bond diamond grinding shoes and resin polishing pads, compare with traditional resin polishing pads, they can remove the scratches left by metal bond grinding shoes more quickly and make a perfect transition to resin polishing pads. The floor will become smooth enough and build a good basis for next step. Therefore, the resin polishing pad can reduce consumption, and more easily make light for the floor. Besides, they also have long lifespan especially on hard concrete floor.

After repeatedly study, adjustment and test by our R&D team, we find it has a extremely good and stable performance for quick removing scratches, which is much better than most of the transitional polishing pads in the market. We have already sold a lot to American, European, Australia etc market, and receive high recognition and great feedback from most of the customers.

If you have specified requirements on design, diameter, working mode, logo, we also can customize as your request.

Welcome to inquiry for more information and your request for samples to test will much appreciated.

Post time: Oct-08-2022