Hi, everyone, here is Fuzhou Bontai Diamond Tools Co.;Ltd in China, a professional diamond tools manufacturer with over 30 years experience.

It’s great to notice that we will have a live show on Alibaba platform on 9th, March(Beijing Time), this is the first live show we hold after we are back to work after the Spring Festival Holiday this year.

During the live show, we will launch some newest diamond tools, Below is the main product we will introduce, it’s called “Z” diamond cup wheel, which adopted the latest technology-resistance welding. The application of this technology in our diamond tools industry is not poular now, only some big brand enterprices, for example Husqvarna already used it. This segment shape is also the newly opened model, it’s unique in the market. Resistance welding requries more strict requirements on the consistency of the quality for the segments, this makes sure its better quality. When we weld the segments on the body, it sparks between them, locally generate heats, this will not reheat the segments and destroy its structure, so it enables the cup wheel have a longer working life and more aggressive than cup wheels made by high frequency welding technology. Third, it has a better welding strength, which insures the segments will not easily get off when you are grinding. Forth, Resistance welding will not leave welding mark and welding lines are more smaller, so it looks more beautifull than common cup wheels.

Becides, we will choose some models special diamond tools to sell during our live show, which can enjoy big discounts. The first one is 3″ diamond grinding disc, it’s widely used for most Chinese brands floor grinders, such as ASL, XINGYI, RONLON, MERROCK, TUOMEI etc. The other model is 3 ” torx dry polishing pads, it’s dry used for polishing concrete, terrazzo floor, it has a great lifespan, sharpness and luminance, as well as cost-performance.