How to remove epoxy, glue, coatings from concrete floor

Epoxies and other topical sealants like it can be beautiful and durable ways to protect your concrete but removing these products can be difficult. Here recommend you some ways which can greatly improve your working efficiency.

First, If the epoxy, glue, paint, coatings covering on your floor is not very thin, like below 1mm, you can try using Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Shoes with sharp angle segments, such as arrow segments, rhombus segments and so on, in order to increase the sharpness, you had better choose single segment grinding shoes. We make various types grinding shoes for different machines, for example, Husqvarna, HTC, Lavina, Werkmaster, Sase, STI, Terrco etc, ODM/OEM services are available for us.


Second, If the epoxy on the floor surface is a bit thick, during 2mm~5mm, You can try using PCD Gring Tools to solve the problem. Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) is a diamond grit that has been fused together under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions in the presence of a catalytic metal. Compare with traditional metal grinding shoes, they will not load up or smear the coating; PCD grinding tools are one of the most high efficiency products for removing coatings, they can quickly save your time and labor cost; they have extremely long lifespan, greatly reduce your materials cost. The PCD size and segment numbers can be choosed as your request.


Third, If the epoxy is extremely thick, shot blast machines can be used to remove epoxy topcoats and other topical sealant / paints from concrete floors. Shot blast machines use small metal pellets (shot) blasted down upon the concrete, removing any stubborn topical coating. These machines recycle the shot which reduces waste. They also have a vacuum system attached so most of the dust is removed. This is one of the best and quickest methods of removing thick topical sealants from concrete floors. The down side of using these machines is that they leave the floor kind of rough like a sidewalk so most interior concrete will have to be honed after use.


At last, if you are in trouble with how to remove epoxy, coating, glues from concrete surface, please don’t hesitate  to contact us, we can offer the best tools to solve it.

Post time: Nov-05-2021