How to choose the concrete grinding cup wheels

1. Confirm the diameter

The most common sizes most of the customers use is 4″, 5″, 7″, but you may also can see a few people use 4.5″, 9″, 10″ etc unnormal sizes. It base on your individual demand and the angle grinders you use.

2. Confirm the bonds

Generally diamond cup wheels have different bonds, such as soft bond, medium bond, hard bond according to the hardness of the concrete floor. To put it simply, soft bond diamond cup grinding wheel  for concrete is sharp and suitable for floor with high hardness, but it is short life. Hard bond concrete grinding cup wheel for concrete has good wear resistance and low sharpness, which is suitable for grinding the floor with low hardness. Medium bond diamond cup wheel is suitable for concrete floor with medium hardness. Sharpness and wear resistance are always contradictory, and the best way is to maximize their advantages. Therefore, you need to confirm what kind of floor do you grind before choosing diamond cup grinding wheels.