Four Effective Ways to Increase the Sharpness of Diamond Grinding Segments

Diamond grinding segment is the most commonly used diamond tool for concrete preparation. It is mainly used for welding on metal base, we call the whole parts include metal base and diamond grinding semgents as diamond grinding shoes. In the process of concrete grinding, there is also the problem of grinding speed. Generally speaking, the higher the sharpness of the diamond segment, the faster the cutting speed and the higher the processing efficiency. The lower the sharpness of the diamond segment, the cutting efficiency must be very low. When the efficiency is low to a certain extent, the segment cannot cut the stone. So how to improve the sharpness of the diamond grinding segment has become the core research and development direction of the diamond grinding segment. Here we have summarizes some ways to improve the sharpness of the diamond grinding segments.

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1. Properly improve the strength of diamond. Diamond is the main raw material for for diamond grinding segment. The higher the diamond strength, the stronger the diamond grinding performance during the cutting process, but please remind not to increase diamond strength extreamly high, or the diamond will fall off in a large area.

2. Appropriately increase the diamond particle size. As we know, the grits of diamond grinding segments devides into coarse, medium, fine. The coarser the diamond grits are , more sharpness the diamond grinding segments will be. As the sharpness improves,  it needs to be matched with a stronger carcass binder.

3. Reduce the segments number. When you use grinding shoes with less segments to grinding floor, under the same pressure, the smaller the contact area between segment and floor surface and the greater the grinding force. the sharpness of the segment will naturally be appropriately improved.

4. Choose the segment shape with sharp angles. From our experience and customers’ feedback, when you use arrow, rhombus, rectangle etc segments, they will leave deeper scratches than oval, round segments etc.

Post time: Aug-12-2022