Diamond Grinding Disc for Grinding Concrete, Terrazzo, Stone Surface

The professional explanation of diamond grinding disc refers to the disc grinding tool used on the grinding machine, which is composed of a disc body and a diamond grinding segment. The diamond  segments are welded or inlaid on the disc body, and the working surface such as concrete and stone floors are smoothly polished through the high-speed rotation of the grinder.

Due to the characteristics of diamond abrasives, diamond abrasives have become ideal tools for grinding hard materials and floor surface. Not only are they high efficiency, high precision, but also have good roughness, low abrasive consumption, and long service life. It can also improve working conditions.

Diamond grinding discs are generally used for polishing marble, granite, ceramics, artificial stone, etc., especially for the construction of concrete exterior walls in decoration, local leveling of floors and marble and granite decorative plates. It has the advantages of fast grinding speed and long life.

Below is one of the most common diamond grinding plates, they fit to most of the single head 250mm floor grinders(Blastrac BGP-250 and BGS-250 /Norton Clipper GC250 / DFG 400 /TCG 250), generally we weld 20 pcs 40*10*10mm rectangle segments, if you require other segment shapes or numbers, we also can customize base on your request. Grits 6#~300# are available. Soft bond, medium bond, hard bond are optional to fit different hard floor surface. They are mainly used for grinding concrete, terrazzo and stone surface, also can be used for epoxy, glue, paint removal.

diamond grinding plate

Following is more other designs of diamond grinding plates for your reference.

10inch plate
250mm arrow,.
250mm plate
250 plate..
250 plate,;

Except diamond grinding disc, we also manufacturer all kinds of diamond tools, such as diamond grinding shoes, diamond cup wheels, diamond polishing pads, pcd grinding tools etc. Welcome to your inquiry.

Post time: Nov-02-2021