Concrete polishing test live show

Today we have concrete polishing test live show, we mainly compare the brightness of 3″ twelve section polishing pad and 3″ torx polishing pad.

This is 3″ twelve section polishing pad, the thickness is 12mm, it is suitable for dry polishing concrete and terrazzo floor. Grits 50#~3000# are available. It will be more aggressive, durable, glossy than most of the resin polishing pads in the market.

This is the another pad we call it 3 inch torx polishing pad, which is launched last year. It also is used for dry polishing concrete and terrazzo floor, but the thickness is only 10mm. It’s made of the latest formula. the price is very beautiful. It is higher cost-effective than this one.

Its 50#-100#-200# are more aggressive and durable than traditional resin pads, you even can treat it as hybrid pads, which can quickly remove scratches left by metal diamonds 120#, even 80#.

400#-800#-1500#-3000# are lustering polishing pads, which can make surprised high brightness and high clarity on your floor.

This the test section, it is a millstone floor. It has been grinded by metal tools grit 30-60-120#, resin pads 50#-100#. In order to get good test effect, we have already sprayed hardener on the surface to strength the floor hardness. Now the ground have been divided into two parts. Left Section A and right is Section B. We will test 3 inch twelve sections polishing pad on section A, 3 inch torx polishing pads will be tested on section B.

After polishing by 200#-400#-800#, you can see exactly from the surface that the section B has a much higher sheen, and you can see good light reflectivity. At a distance of 30 to 50 feet, the floor clearly reflect side and overhead lighting.