Comparison of marble polishing with marble cleaning waxing


Marble grinding and polishing is the last procedure for the previous process of stone care crystal treatment or stone light plate processing. It is one of the most important processes in stone care today, unlike the traditional cleaning company’s business-wide marble cleaning and waxing. The difference is:

First, the essential difference.

Marble grinding surface treatment polishing is a prelude to stone crystal surface processing or a necessary process in stone processing. Its main principle is to use the pressure grinding block synthesized by inorganic acids, metal oxides and other substances with the pressure of mechanical grinding disc, high-speed grinding force, frictional heat, the role of water in the relatively smooth marble surface of physical and chemical cooperation, so that the marble surface forms a new bright crystal layer. This crystal layer has ultra-bright, clear luminance. The lute can reach 90-100 degrees. This crystal layer is a modified crystal layer of stone surface (1-2mm thick). Crystal surface treatment polishing is the physical extension of grinding block polishing, that is, grinding block into powder or add a small amount of resin powder and water mixture in the low-speed stone care machine with fiber pad after grinding on the ground after a process of light.

Marble cleaning is a prelude to marble waxing polishing, marble cleaning wax polishing is a popular marble cleaning and maintenance protection measures in the 80s and early 1990s, has now lost the market and the significance of existence. Its essence is a thin coating of acrylic resin and PE emulsion polymers that are covered on the surface of the newly paved stone (polished plate), which is what we often refer to as water wax or floor wax. Then after high-speed, low-pressure polishing machine with fiber pad friction on the stone surface, so that the resin coating more bright a process. Due to product updates, and later the emergence of special light wax, wax-free, etc. , this coating is similar to the wood floor oil varnish.

The grinding and polishing process before the marble care crystal surface treatment is a process of physical and chemical cooperation between the stone surface and the chemical. The crystal layer of the stone surface is completely synthesized into a whole with the bottom layer, and there is no disengagement layer.

The wax layer on the surface of the marble cleaning waxing is a resin film attached to the stone surface, which does not have a chemical reaction with the stone itself and is physically covered. This wax film layer can be cut off from the stone surface with a single shovel.

Second, the appearance of difference.

Marble grinding polishing is a prelude to the care of stone, high light after treatment polishing, high clarity, wear resistance, stomp resistance, not easy to scratch, is the real embodiment of stone use function and value extension.

Stone waxing after low luxer, light is not clear, and very vague, not wear-resistant, water-resistant, easy to scratch, oxidation and yellowing make the essence of stone image reduced.

Third, extension and operation of the difference.

After the continuous care of the crystal layer and crystal layer after the polishing of the stone grinding block (commonly known as the crystal surface care), its pores are not completely closed, the stone can still be breathable inside and outside, the stone is not easily lesions. At the same time has a certain waterproof, anti-fouling effect.

After the marble waxing, the stone pores are completely closed, the stone can not be breathable inside and outside, so the stone is prone to lesions.

The continuous care of crystal layer and crystal layer after polishing of stone grinding block is easy to operate, does not require cleaning agent to clean the ground, can be directly grinding block with water grinding and pharmaceutical dry grinding. Can be worn and nursed at any time, can be operated locally. There is no new contrast in the color of the stone surface.

By comparison above, we can find marble polishing has many advantages. To make stone polishing effect good, choose a good diamond tool is indispensable. Fuzhou Bontai Diamond Tools Company has more than 30 years manufacturing experience, we can supply you all kinds of diamond tools for concrete, terrazzo, granite, marble and stone grinding&polishing tools. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will reply within 24 hours.


Post time: Nov-11-2021