7 inch Arrow Segments Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels


This 7 inch grinding cup wheel features 6 angled, arrow-shaped segments designed for grinding concrete and terrazzo floor, You can also use this grinding cup wheel grinder attachment for grinding or prepping concrete, or removing glue, adhesives, thinset, grout bed, or light coatings. For concrete grinding, the grinding cup can aggressively grind bare concrete to remove high spots. You can use this concrete grinding tool for both wet and dry applications.

The aggressive segment shape helps you get underneath light coatings and prep your concrete in a single step. This shape also prevent the build up of ground material between the segments so you have to clean your grinding tool less during use.

We have 10mm, 12mm, 15mm segment hegihts for your choise, if you require other segment numbers we also can customize as your request. Grits 6#~300# are optional. We can design various bonds to fit on your different hard floor surface.7/8", 5/8"-7/8", M14, 5/8"-11 arbor connection types allow to install on various angle grinders and walk behind floor grinders. What's more, except 7 inch diameter, we also supply 4", 5" etc sizes.


  • Great grinding cup wheel for aggressive grinding of concrete, and removing glue, adhesives, thinset, grout bed, or light coatings
  • Angled, arrow-shaped segments are designed to help you get underneath light coatings and prep concrete in a single step
  • Good balance
  • Fast chips removal
  • Available for heavy duty work
  • Threaded or non-threaded available for easy use with grinder tools
  • For wet and dry applications
  • Designed for longer tool life

Trust the reliable Bontai Arrow Segment Grinding Cup Wheel to help you get the job done.


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Post time: Nov-09-2021