Double bar HTC diamond grinding shoes

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2 rectangle diamond segments , aggressive grinding all kinds of floor surfaces: concrete, terrazzo ,granite , marble ,etc.High grinding efficiency and long life. Suitable for fast grinding and aggressive for concrete and stones.Different grits and metal bonds are available to be made.

  • Material: Metal + diamonds
  • Grits: 6# - 400#
  • Segment size: 2T*40*10*10mm
  • Metal body type: Fit on HTC grinders
  • Bonds: Extremely soft, very soft ,soft, medium, hard, very hard, ,extremely hard
  • Supply Ability: 10,000 Pieces per Month
  • Payment terms: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union,Trade Assurance,etc
  • Delivery time: 7-15 days according to the quantity
  • Shipping ways: By Express(FeDex, DHL, UPS, TNT,etc), By Air , by Sea
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    Double bar HTC diamond grinding plate
    Segment Size
    HTC 2T*10*10*40mm (Any segments can be of customized)
    6# - 400#
    Extremely hard, very hard, Hard, medium, soft, very soft, extremely soft
    Metal Body type     
    Fit on HTC grinders
    As customers' requirements
    Grinding all kinds of floor surfaces
    1. The most suitable metal diamond segment shoes for concrete floor with high quality consistency.
    A combination of fine diamonds with a unique and extremely durable substrate.
    3. Longer life than competing products, no glazing.

    Product Description


    These diamond grinding segments are primarily used for grinding concrete on HTC flooring machines and are characterized by high grinding efficiency and good sharpness. We use high quality diamond powder to produce these diamond grinding segments and weld the segments to a metal base. The diamond grinding blocks offer superior grinding efficiency and a long service life. The easy-to-replace design saves a great deal of time in replacing the grinding shoes and is very strong and does not come off easily during the grinding process.

    As a manufacturing industry, Bontec has developed advanced materials and has also participated in the development of national standards for superhard materials with 30 Years of experience. Our company has strong technical force and strong R&D capability.

    Not only can we offer high quality tools, but also technological innovations to solve any problem when sanding and polishing all kinds of floors.

    Stable and reliable quality assurance, Bangtai takes safety standards as the core of product development, and the product has passed ISO9001 certification. Suitable for use with floor scale grinders.

    Wide variety of products and complete specifications. Quality assurance, high cost performance, high back order rate.

    With attentive customer service management, let customers feel at ease to use.

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