3 Inch Round Metal Grinding Pucks with 6 Segments

Short Description:

3" grinding disc is very suitable for grinding concrete and terrazzo floor surfaces. It is easy to change and not easily fly away while grinding. Round over edge can smoothly wipe off floor lippage and greatly reduces scratches on the floor. It has 6 pcs 7.5mm height segments and is very durable.

  • Material: Diamond, Metal Base, Metal Powder
  • Size: Diameter 80mm
  • Segment Size: 7.5mm(Height)
  • Segment Number: 6
  • Grits Available: Coarse, Medium, Fine ( Grits 6- 200#)
  • Bond: Extremely Soft, Very Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Extremely Hard
  • Color: Orange,Black, Red, Blue, Green or as Your Request
  • Application: For Grinding Concrete and Stone Floor
  • Applied Machine: Floor Grinder
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